Mark Lovell


Hi, my name is Mark Lovell, and I refuse to live a boring life. I've tried. I really have. But it just doesn't work for me. My life is awakening, and my quest is to see past the ordinary world into the depths of spirituality that silently stands behind everything.


When I first encountered the Clairvision techniques in 2006, I realized I had found something quite precious. I had been seeking answers for many years, and had tried talk therapy, attended psychic readings with a lovely but perhaps slightly unhinged psychic woman, undergone esoteric acupuncture, studied in depth the books about consciousness by David R. Hawkins, and completed a cycle of studies of the spiritual tome “A Course in Miracles”. But my introduction to the Clairvision School of Meditation really – like really – blew my mind. Never had I encountered meditation techniques with such incredible punch and integrity. They are trippy, yet grounded and I really like that.


In 2011, I quit life as I knew it and moved from Austin, TX to a retreat center in Northern California where I did full-time meditation practices until I moved to Berkeley, California in 2014. I currently live and work at The Berkeley Spire, an urban Clairvision meditation center, where I meditate, do spiritual practices, and teach powerful mediation techniques to curious, sincere, and dedicated seekers.


While I'm in Toronto I have room to work with a small number of highly motivated one on one clients who want to dive deep and change in a BIG way. Call me at 512-294-3892 or email me at markalovell@gmail.com to book your session.