Can you build a meditation muscle? Spoiler: yes.

Another video, this one on meditation, the Third Eye, and 'subtle body building'. Can you get better at meditating by meditating? Is it an improvable skill?

(Spoiler: Yes.)

Like going to the gym but without heavy things and not moving much and -- um, it's really not like going to the gym. But you can get better at it.

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A Bit on Spiritual Fire

I made this video because... well because I've been meditating for about a decade now -- and look, I know that word can mean a lot of different things to different people -- but when I hear other people talk about meditation, I often find myself quite frustrated. The general understanding seems to be that it's a way to get to this sort of zen'ed out, blissed out state. Or at least that's supposed to be the goal.

Okay, fine, it's like supposed to be this drug-free way to get high. Maybe so. Certainly it's why I started doing it.  But, but... but. After a while (and especially when doing meditation full-time for a week or more) there's this very different experience to be had. I don't hear many people talking about this concept of Spiritual Fire. Therefore and thus, I'm talking about it here. In this video. Which you can watch. With your face. If you want.

This experience of awakening, of an awareness that we human beings are really quite a bit more than human. Or at least the human experience as we've been doing it is really quite unimaginative or quite little. Meditation can, at a certain level, bring us into direct contact of the Very Biggest Parts of ourselves. The part of us that is Grand, Overwhelming. You know, the whole One-With-The-Divine or Higher Self or whatever. It can actually be experienced with the same tangibility as, say, being tackled by a bear. It's real and it's eye-opening, and it's an experience with a very specific flavor. 

If this video makes you curious, or If you like the idea of spiritual fire, check out our upcoming Awakening the Third Eye workshop June 15th and 16th, 2019 which you can read more about and register for HERE. That’s the deal. Thanks!

If you have any thoughts on spiritual fire I’d love to hear in the comments below.